Level: 14 Total XP: 80000

Strength: 23 | +7
Constitution: 22 | +6
Dexterity: 19 | +5
Intelligence: 4 | -3
Wisdom: 11 | +1
Charisma: 19 | +5

Max HP: 44
Surge Value: 15
Surges/day: 3

AC Total: 10
Fortitude: 20
Reflex: 13
Will: 10

Attack Bonus: +17
Atk bonus R Hand:
Atk bonus L Hand:

Weapon Damage:
Steel Greatsword 4d8+2

Racial Features:

  • Medium size.
  • Weapon Proficiency: All Common Weapons and Armors.

Class Features/Skills:

  • Greater Weapon Focus GreatSwords, +2 to attack rolls for GreatSwords.
  • Dodge- During your action, you designate an opponent and receive a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks from that opponent. You can select a new opponent on any action. A condition that makes you lose your Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any) also makes you lose dodge bonuses. Also, dodge bonuses stack with each other, unlike most other types of bonuses.
  • Power Attack- On your action, before making attack rolls for a round, you may choose to subtract a number from all melee attack rolls and add the same number to all melee damage rolls. This number may not exceed your base attack bonus. The penalty on attacks and bonus on damage apply until your next turn. If you attack with a two-handed weapon, or with a one-handed weapon wielded in two hands, instead add twice the number subtracted from your attack rolls.
  • Cleave + Great Cleave- If you deal a creature enough damage to make it drop (typically by dropping it to below 0 hit points or killing it), you get an immediate, extra melee attack against another creature within reach. You cannot take a 5-foot step before making this extra attack. The extra attack is with the same weapon and at the same bonus as the attack that dropped the previous creature. You can use this ability once per round + there is no limit to the number of times you can use it per round.
  • Exotic Weapon Proficiency
  • Weapon Specialization- +2 to all damage rolls with Greatswords

Languages Known:
Common, Sylvan

Known Skills:

Right Hand: Steel GreatSword
Left Hand:
Armor: Iron Chainmail
Arms: Iron ChainMail Sleeve
Feet: Iron High Boots
Hands: Iron Gauntlets
Head: Iron Half Helm
Waist: Buckle Belt

22000 Gold



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