Shops and Vendors

General Store:
Leather Hides, Lion, Boar, Bear. 20 gold per hide.
Health Gem, heals 20 hp, consumes gem. 200 gold each

Iron Plates, 50 gold each.
Steel Plates, 150 gold each.
Custom Weapons and Armor. 3000 Gold each set/weapon
Upgrades- 10000 Gold for first, and an additional 10k for every one thereafter.

Poison Antidote, cures all poison. 500 Gold
Burn Salve, Cures all Inflammation effects. 800 Gold
Beetle Oil, 3 uses. Lathering of Oil prevents target or self from being grappled completely, also must make a balance check every round or fall prone. 2500 Gold
Giant Elixir, +10 to Strength during 1 encounter, 50000 Gold.
Snake Elixir, +10 to Dexterity during 1 encounter, 50000 Gold.
Owlbear Elixir, +10 to Constitution during 1 encounter, 50000 Gold.

Weak Enchantment- 200 Gold
Impressive Enchantment- 2000 Gold
Amazing Enchantment- 20000 Gold
Legendary Enchantment- 200000 Gold and Requires Legendary Scriptures Regarding specific enchantment.

Slave Market:
Chained Warrior, 2000 Gold
Chained Worker, 5000 Gold

Shops and Vendors

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